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The Stanford University wordmark and signature system may be compatible with existing university emblems—the university seal and the block S with tree.

In general, the seal reads best in formal and academic correspondence and materials. The block S with tree is recommended for most other communications.

Logo colors

University-approved colors shown below must be used for logos and matched for all digital projects, print and promotional items.

Cardinal red

Pantone 201 C




Process black


Cool grey 11C

Palo Alto green

Pantone 3298 C

Wordmark + block S with tree download

This signature configuration is best suited for student activities, informal event fliers and other non-academic activities. The two-color block-S with tree should always be used in multicolor applications. A special one-color block-S with tree is available for use on limited color applications such as one color printing, black-and-white templates or copy outputs for internal communications.

Our university’s signature color is Cardinal red. The color mixes for this in files below for download are as follows:

  • For png (digital) format: RGB (R: 140, G: 21, B: 21)
  • For eps (vector/print) format: CMYK  (C: 0, M: 100, Y: 65, K: 34)

Always check the mix for accuracy in your file after download as changes can take place across platforms and/or different versions of software. You may confirm or correct these mixes for use in your projects by checking them in our primary color palette.

Wordmark + university seal download

This signature configuration is best suited for formal materials: official letterhead, prestigious event invitations, awards, etc. As a refined illustration, the Stanford seal emblem does not reproduce well in small applications and on many online venues.

Combination logo do’s and don’ts


Use correct color/background combinations.

Stanford combination logos should be reproduced in the colors and color combinations shown below.

Download the art sheet which shows correct color combinations for production of the Stanford Block S with Tree here (link to pdf).

Use the correct logo

Use the Wordmark + Seal for formal applications

Use the Wordmark + Block S w/ Tree for less formal applications

Give it room to breathe

Give the marks enough free space to breathe—at least the x-height of “Stanford” on all sides

Make it large enough to read

Always make the Stanford wordmark in the combination at least .85 inch for print and 85 pixels for digital applications so that they are reproduced at a size where they are clearly legible.

Small merchandise such as pens and pins require particular attention to the minimum size. If the minimum size cannot be met, the logo is unreadable.

For digital and low resolution applications, you may need to make it larger than the minimum so it’s readable.


  • Don’t combine the marks in different ways than provided.
  • Don’t reproduce the marks too small such that they are not clearly readable.
  • Don’t put anything (including the edge of your design) too close to the combo marks.
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