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Email Signatures

Email signatures function as your digital business card across campus and beyond.

We don’t recommend adding images (logos, your photo, etc.) in department signatures because they become attachments, and can get blocked by default. Below is the basic layout we do recommend:

Firstname Lastname
Title, Department (can link to department)

Stanford University (can link to
650.XXX.XXXX office
City, CA 90000
  • Must include: Name, position/title, department, Stanford University
  • May include: parent unit/school, email, mobile number, office number, fax number (if relevant), department/school website, department social media accounts, physical address, parent unit, graduation year or degree (as ‘XX after your name), legal disclaimers, pronouns
  • Should not/need not include: Images, taglines, quotes, every phone number, many social accounts, personal accounts
  • Font recommendation: Calibri or Arial
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