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We’re all part of the Stanford ecosystem

Every Stanford group is part of, and benefits from, using our shared global identity.

Our identity incorporates visual elements that give Stanford communication a distinct look—from logos, to colors, to fonts, to campus images. Together, these elements create visual associations with Stanford’s spirit, characteristics, and strengths as a leader in education and research.

Remember that you’re speaking for all of Stanford

When you use Stanford’s marks, you communicate on behalf of Stanford. Stanford’s visual assets are valuable resources of the university. Keeping your communications consistently high quality as you represent the institution helps to protect and strengthen them.

Use Stanford’s logos appropriately

Follow the guidelines for Stanford’s identity outlined on this site. Stanford’s logos are for university activities and are proprietary and protected. One way to protect the mark is by including the proper trademark designation ® when appropriate.

The core brand components that form the foundation of the Stanford identity are:

Limitations on use

Use of Stanford’s logo and name by third-party organizations, including on websites, social media or marketing materials, is restricted. Please also be aware of guidelines around use of third-party logos on Stanford channels. The guidelines help Stanford to protect its nonprofit status and research integrity and to avoid perceptions of endorsement.

If you have questions about a specific situation, please contact:


Stanford University is committed to providing an environment that is accessible to everyone. To learn more, please visit the Stanford Online Accessibility Program and Stanford Online Accessibility Policy.