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Block S with Tree

Our most versatile logo.

The block S with tree is one of the most recognized logos of Stanford University. The tree is based on the rendition of El Palo Alto, the tree seen on the Stanford seal. The symbol was updated in 2014.

For the Stanford block S with tree, the preferred presentation is in two colors: Cardinal red and Palo Alto green. The block S with tree in one color may be used when the preferred two-color version is not possible or appropriate.

Notable exception:
The two-color presentation should not be used as a social media profile icon, in keeping with Stanford’s Social Media Guidelines.

Block S with Tree logo colors

University-approved colors shown below must be used for logos and matched for all digital projects, print and promotional items.

Cardinal red

Pantone 201 C




Process black

Palo Alto green

Pantone 3298 C

Block S with tree do’s and don’ts


Use correct color/background combinations.

The Stanford block S with tree should be reproduced in the colors and color combinations shown below.

Download the art sheet which shows correct color combinations for production of the Stanford block S with tree here (link to pdf).

Use the correct block S.

The block S with tree has evolved over time to its current version. Please make sure you’re using the most updated version by downloading one of the available files above. Use Cardinal red and Palo Alto green.

Make it large enough to read.

The block S with tree should always be reproduced at a size where it is clearly legible in the medium in which it appears. The minimum size is 3/8 inch for high-resolution printed materials. The block S with tree may need to be rendered larger than this minimum size when reproduced via low-resolution media to retain design integrity.

Minimum width is 3/8 inch (not to scale)

Give it room to breathe.

Whenever possible, allow at least 1/4 the height of the block S with tree at any given size and extend on all sides of the block S with tree. Do not place other graphics or typography in the minimum clear space area, except for trademark designations when appropriate.


The block S with tree symbols should not be altered in any way, such as by extending or condensing the emblem, outlining or adding borders, adding drop shadows or other special effects, or extracting the tree as a stand-alone symbol.

Should have no space around the tree inside the “S”
No tree
Don’t substitute colors
Don’t swap the green and red
Do not remove the outline rule
Don’t tilt—always place it in an upright position
Don’t substitute any other red for Cardinal, including Digital Red
Don’t alter the Block “S” symbol with any other artwork

Don’t use the Block “S” to replace the letter ‘S’ in a word
Don’t extract the tree as a stand-alone symbol