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Color is one of the most powerful aspects of our brand identity. Our color palette helps audiences identify us at a glance, and the way we use color sets the mood for each of our pieces. It reflects our heritage and our surroundings.

Primary colors

Our layouts lean heavily on the colors in our primary palette and you should use them, especially Cardinal red which has been Stanford’s official color since the university’s earliest days.

Consistently and appropriately using our primary identity colors is one of the most effective ways our communications can convey a recognizable Stanford feel.

See our primary colors

Accent colors

Our accent colors are drawn from our main campus architecture and the California landscape. Feel free to combine and build custom secondary palettes that reflect the personality of your department, unit or group.

See our accent colors

Web interactive colors

Our web interactive colors have been developed with digital use and accessibility standards in mind.

See our web interactive colors

Color matching

University-approved colors Cardinal red (Pantone 201C) and Palo Alto green (Pantone 3298C) must be used for logos and matched for all digital projects, print and promotional items.

For digital files, use the RGB and/or HEX values listed in our primary and accent colors pages.

For print and promotional items, approved Stanford vendors must match approved Pantone colors listed above. The colors on this website are not intended to match Pantone color standards. For accurate color standards to match, refer to the current editions of Pantone color publications.


Stanford University is committed to providing an online environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Please visit the Stanford Online Accessibility Program and Stanford Online Accessibility Policy for more information.

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