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Accent Typefaces

At Stanford, our accent typefaces are Roboto, Roboto Condensed and Roboto Mono Space. You can download them from Google Fonts:

Roboto type weights

Roboto is an alternate typeface to our primary typeface: Source Sans. Its more structured appearance is suitable for technical or rigid layouts.

This font is used for headlines and emphasis.

Roboto letter forms

Roboto Condensed type weights

The condensed option of Roboto allows for more economical use of space in layouts that require more information or content.

This font is used for headlines and dense copy.

Roboto Condensed letter forms

Roboto Mono weights

This version of Roboto (Roboto Mono) stands out the most and conveys a strong sense of structure and numerical data.

This font is used for callouts and emphasis.

Roboto Mono letter forms

Roboto Slab type weights

Roboto Slab has a mechanical, geometric but friendly look.

This font is used in as an accent in technical or marketing materials.

Roboto Slab letter forms