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What kind of support do you need?

Below are a few options for various kinds of support you may need.

Visual brand identity

We are happy to advise members of the Stanford community as well as external entities working on behalf of Stanford on the topic of visual brand identity.

Name use

Please contact our Brand Manager with requests to use Stanford’s name, photographs of the university, or any of its seals, logos, or symbols in advertisements or marketing materials, press releases, videos, commercials, movies or television programs.

Merchandise, products, and trademark use

Please contact Trademark Licensing for information about licensing Stanford’s trademarks, obtaining artwork with proper trademark designations, permissions to print Stanford trademarks on products or clothing, and other use of Stanford’s name and emblems by commercial entities.

Web services

If you need professional services for website planning, design, development, and maintenance support, start a conversation with Stanford Web Services using the link below.

Social media

If you would like to work with the University Communications social media team on a customized plan, or if you have questions about Stanford’s guidelines please use the email below.


There are two options for creating video when working with your school or unit communications team:

  • Work with Stanford Video, a full-service video production team on fee-based professional services for any type of video creation, editing, green screen or studio rental. To learn more about working with them, contact the team at the link below. 
  • Produce a video in house. If you have questions about our best practices guidelines or about how to produce a video yourself, please contact the video team in University Communications, at the link below. 

Other questions

If you have a brand question that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories here, please submit a ServiceNow ticket and we’ll get back with you.

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